Hilo and Vicinity Delivery – Marginata Colorama Dracaena – four foot tall in 10 inch grow pot – two plants per order

Your two Marginata Colorama dracaena were grown on the Hamaukua coast of the Big Island of Hawaii by Hawaii’s premier dracaena and palm nursery. These professional grade indoor plants are delivered within one week of order within 20 miles of Hilo. Hawaii excise tax included in the price. Each plant is approximately three feet high and potted in a two gallon (10 inch) grow pot. Get ready to change your indoor environment by adding this lush professional Hawaiian grown plant. For orders over 25 plants or larger plant sizes, oxes please contact us at cs@onomea.com.


  1. There are two plants per order, delivery and tax included in the price.
  2. Delivery available to homes and businesses witin 20 miles of Hilo.
  3. Our Hawaii customers use Onomea plants outside also, great for DIY landscaping.