Why Onomea?

Onomea delivers the highest quality professional grade indoor plants direct from the finest nurseries located in Hawaii and other states. We bring you interiorscape quality plants direct to your door in the most environmentally sustainable methods possible. Add exceptional customer service and that’s the Onomea experience.

Why are there minimum plant case sizes?

We work with our nursery partners to offer a variety of case sizes which fit their normal wholesale supply chain requirements. We are always innovating when it comes to boxing, packaging, and shipping.


How are the plants and other products shipped?

Our plants and other products are shipped directly to your door using FedEx two-day delivery service. You receive a tracking number when your plants are shipped, so that you can track your shipment in transit.


What do I do upon receiving the plants?

Place the plants in a medium light and ventilated area at a temperature range of 55 to 90 F. Water immediately upon arrival and once to twice per week thereafter. There is no fertilization required in the first six months then utilize a general indoor plant fertilizer obtained from Onomea or a retail store.


How do I care for my plants?

Onomea indoor plants are grown for durability at the finest domestic nurseries. Your Onomea plants should be kept indoors, with indirect light at temperature ranges of 55 to 90 F with adequate ventilation. All plants are shipped with a time release fertilizer which will last for the first few months. After that a standard general-purpose indoor plant fertilizer can be used in granular or liquid form. Plants should be watered on a frequent basis, approximately once to twice per week. Proper drainage should be provided and over-watering should be avoided.


What if I have questions regarding my order?

Contact us immediately. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. If you have an issue with any Onomea product let us know and we will do all we can to make it right.